How to Unlock a Samsung Mobile Phone

How to enter the Unlocking Code for a Samsung Model phone
Understanding your Samsung Unlocking Codes:

The unlocking codes you will receive will look something like this:



NETWORK also known as NCK – The main Network unlocking code

PROVIDER also known as SPCK – A Service Provider Unlocking code

SUBPROVIDER also known as SCK – A Sub Provider Unlocking code

DEFREEZE also known as MCK or FREEZE – Is an unfreeze code

How To Enter Unlock Codes for Samsung Models

Android Models Default Method ( Works on most new models )

Insert a non accepted SIM card ( your new one )
Switch the phone on
The phone will ask you to enter ‘unlocking code’ ( or something similar )
Pay attention to which code the phone is actually asking for:
If its asking for network code or network pin or network control key, then you need to simply enter your NCK CODE.
If it is asking for Service Provider Code then you enter your SPCK CODE

Important Help For Samsung Galaxy series and other newer Android models:

If you get “network lock unsuccessful” message, it means that the Galaxy is ‘Phone Frozen’ (even though it doesn’t display it. Also i9100, i9300, i9500, N9000 wont display Phone Freeze like other samsung phones do)


Reboot phone with a sim it will not yet accept.
Enter the DEFREEZE code (this will also state it was unsuccessful – this is normal)
Then Enter your NETWORK ( NCK ) code and this will unlock the phone.

Non Android Phones

On some non-android models you can simply insert a non accepted SIM card and let the phone prompt you to enter the unlocking code. ( A SIM it’s not locked to )

However, with many non-android phones you may need to check which lock(s) are active on the handset first. This is so you know which code to enter to unlock it.

How To Check Which Lock Needs Unlocking On Your Samsung Phone:

Turn on your phone without a sim inserted
Type * # 7 4 6 5 6 2 5 # this will display which lock is active
(An easier way to remember this is * # S I M L O C K # )
Doing this will display a screen similar to the example below, ON means that particular lock is locked, OFF means it’s not locked :

Network Lock [ON]
Network Subset Lock [OFF]
SP Lock [ON]
CP Lock [OFF]

If only the Network lock is displayed saying ON then you will only need to use the NCK code with the instructions below.

If you see the Subset lock value as ON then you will need the SCK code and if you see the SP lock value as ON you will need the SPCK code.

How to enter specific unlock codes

Once you know which lock(s) is active, you can now enter the specific code for it, as follows:

If your phone says the NET lock is ON then you need to do this without a SIM inserted: # 7 4 6 5 6 2 5 * 6 3 8 * NCKCODE #

If your phone says the SP lock is ON then you need to do this without a SIM inserted: # 7 4 6 5 6 2 5 * 7 7 * SPCKCODE #

If your phone says the Subset lock is ON then you need to do this without a SIM inserted: # 7 4 6 5 6 2 5 * 7 8 2 * SCKCODE #

Once all locks are OFF, your phone is unlocked.

Phone Freeze

If your phone displays this message or similar when inserting an incorrect sim, you must do the following:

When you insert a non-accepted SIM card and your phone displays this message or similar, you must do the following:

Turn on the phone with non-accepted SIM so phone displays ‘Phone Freeze, SIM unavailable. Please contact service provider’
Now type in the DEFREEZE CODE that we’ve sent you and press OK ( Note: no digits will be shown on the display when entering this code)
Now the phone will ask you for Network Code, so enter the NCK CODE or SPCK CODE and press OK.
If nothing happens when you enter the NCK or SPCK you will need to enter the code like this: # 7 4 6 5 6 2 5 * 6 3 8 * NCKCODE # or # 7 4 6 5 6 2 5 * 7 7 * SPCKCODE #
Your phone should be unlocked.

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